Sustainability at Ends & Means

Ends & Means was envisaged from day one as a low-waste, sustainable cocktail project, designed to highlight and address the wasteful & unethical practices we see every day in the industry by setting a new, more positive example, while delivering a world class, enjoyable and creative drinking experience.

This is something we've built into the very fabric of the building - there are very few 'first use' materials in the fitout; all furniture & decor pieces are vintage/upcycled pieces, most of the timber has been salvaged from the bar that existed in the space previously or recycled from other projects, and the statement bar top has been crafted from slabs hewn from a storm-damaged elm tree that once stood in the Royal Botanical Gardens - filled with copper filings & resin.

We constantly tighten the goalposts for our sustainability programme, but here are some of the highlights from our first 8 months of operation:

Our landfill footprint for one full day of trade (sometimes we stretch it to 3-4 days though)

Our landfill footprint for one full day of trade (sometimes we stretch it to 3-4 days though)

+ A landfill footprint of 1 (Recycled) Uber-Eats bag per day (sometimes per 3-4 days)

+ Menus change weekly to stay seasonal on produce and reduce perishable waste

+ Menus are printed on recycled paper, mounted and bound using scrap plywood from the bar build & produced in extremely limited runs.

+ With a view to packaged waste reduction - no single serving packaged beers, ciders or RTDs (instead, we rotate constantly over 5 taps through local, independent brewers)

+ As a result of reducing our single serve packaged product reliance, we require minimal refrigeration and waste facilities.

+ All fruit is used with a no-waste mindset, meaning stocks, dehydrated garnishes, shrubs, jams & cordials are constantly being created, and what organic waste we do have left is separated, collected & donated to the Collingwood Childrens’ Farm for composting.

+ Glass bottles are upcycled (cut & turned into decor pieces or reused), those that aren't are crushed on site, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of our glass recycling program

+ Working with several sustainably minded liquor brands, charities & NGOs on environmental & sustainability initiatives & activations

+ We rigged our ice machine drainage hose up so that it waters a pineapple plant in the courtyard. Not a big highlight, but a fun one.

Highlights and current practices aside, however, the most important thing we feel we've been doing is encouraging other people in the industry to look at their own practices & realize that sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's good business practice. We've seen dramatic savings across cost of goods, waste management and consumables, and it's efficiencies such as these that allow small owner-operators such as ourselves to remain viable long-term in an ever-evolving and difficult industry landscape.